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If you book now, you can get 3 x 2 tickets at the Mazatlan Aquarium

The city prepares to receive its visitors once the contingency has passed

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán Aquarium is preparing to start the animal interaction center again and to pamper its visitors, it launches the 3×2 promotion at the general entrance.

Through a statement, the paramunicipal reported this implementation and stressed that it is making adaptations to the new admission protocol, which comply with the health measures dictated by the Ministry of Health.

The venue will open its doors once the competent authorities so decide.

Mazatlán Aquarium is located 100 meters from Avenida del Mar, on Avenida de Los Deportes. The sculpture of its front, traditional, and already representative image of the port; where children feed the dolphin, symbolizes friendship and the encounter of marine species with humans.

It was created at the initiative of the Government of the State of Sinaloa, whose Governor in 1978 was Mr. Alfonso G. Calderón, as part of the project called ” CITY FOREST ” the free, a planetarium, an aquarium, and a botanical garden; with the main objective that the population and tourism had a place of recreation and at the same time had an approach with the environment and wildlife.

Construction began by laying the first stone in November 1978, finally inaugurating it on September 13, 1980, with an area of ​​approximately one hectare and exposing to the public a great variety of marine and freshwater species, showing the original habitat of a foreign world and practically unknown through its 52 Exhibition ponds, its Museum of the Sea , its Auditorium and its Botanical Garden .


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