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Mazatlan, first place in online searches for potential travelers, according to Kayak

Potential destinations for Mexicans in reopening

The opening of tourism, in compliance with the new security protocols, have offered confidence to Mexican travelers to resume their plans for their next vacation in these destinations.

Mexicans have begun to resume their vacation plans. The consequences of COVID-19 forced many tourists to postpone their travel plans: however, the reopening of destinations, following the new security protocols, ensures an upcoming revival of the tourism sector.

According to a survey carried out in May by KAYAK, the online travel search engine, where 628 electronic responses were received, revealing data about national travelers, their destinations, and the way they plan to resume their trips were released.

Mazatlan’s Combate Naval

71% of those surveyed expressed their interest in resuming tourist trips in the next six months. Similarly, the results showed that the first trips of Mexicans will be thought of as a family, or visiting another member of the family that they have not seen for some time, leaving business trips in the last interest.

For the Mexican traveler, national destinations will be the priority on their next vacation. Most of the respondents affirm that they will first travel through the national territory, while another percentage will think of international destinations (when the restrictions of other countries allow it).

According to KAYAK, the trend destinations during COVID-19, according to the Mexican population, which resulted in the highest number of searches on the platform, are as follows:

  • Mazatlan
  • Acapulco
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Oaxaca de Juarez
  • Merida

    Mexicans will seek to reach these destinations mainly by air. 58% of the respondents reaffirmed this idea, while 25% will do it by road, with destinations that are within a few hours of their location. Only 2% have considered enjoying a cruise.

16/07/2020 Fuente: Mazatlán post

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