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Mazatlan’s new central park is 85% complete

It is considered one of the largest natural spaces in Latin America in terms of extension and location

Mazatlan, Sin.- The Central Park of Mazatlan considered one of the largest natural spaces in Latin America in terms of extension and location, is at 85 percent in the progress of its construction.       

This natural space in the port of Mazatlan will be possible thanks to the management of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel and the execution of the work by the Ministry of Public Works through its owner Osvaldo López Angulo.

Said project will have 30 hectares of extension near the Malecon, in it will build bike lanes, walkers, squares, shopping centers, and coexistence areas for tourists and locals, where technology will be mixed with the natural essence of a forest.

The space is thought to be one of the most important in Latin America due to its size, location, and investment, and it will also have the largest aquarium in Latin America dedicated to the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The place will have a spherical shape similar to a planetary observatory, with a dome and will consist of three levels with additions such as IMAX screens, classrooms to learn about the conservation of marine fauna that will be located on the lower level, will include local species and some of the sharks.

Next to the aquarium, a museum will be built on the history of Mazatlán, customs, carnivals, gastronomy, pre-Hispanic times, etc.

The Central Park will connect with all these spaces without the need to leave the area to access others. In this kind of connection, some attractions will be located for tourists such as shopping malls, cinemas, and restaurants, which will be built alongside the complex.

The construction of the Central Park is expected to finish in December 2020, to open its doors in Easter 2021.

07/07/2020 Fuente: Mazatlán post

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